Step-by-step tools that bring your vision to life

Want to create a unique brand identity or rapidly plan your business? Look like a pro from day 1 with our industry ready templates and expert advice to guide you.

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Define That Big Idea

4 questions, 1 hour. Rapidly shape your vision with the Golden Circle model into a clearly articulated business concept.

Determine WHY the world needs your company, HOW it will work and when it’s ready, WHAT it will deliver to your potential customers.

Make the best start today.

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Plan Your Business

Don’t have a week to write a business plan? Who does? You need the one-page business plan from Silicon Valley to rapidly build your business model.

Free yourself from writing lengthy prose. Focus solely on answering the 9 pivotal questions that will tell you if you’re on to a money maker. Explore the problems your customers have right now and how you’ll beat the competition.

Create Your Stunning Brand Book…

Your brand deserves more than just a logo! Just like a pro, you can now sculpt a beautiful brand identity from the inside out.

Follow professional guidance to cover all aspects of brand personality and visual identity. Start with an industry ready Brand Book template and develop a competitive brand page-by-page.  When you’re done, everything your company communicates will have a set of rules to follow.

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Why Venture…

  • Step-by-step we provide the tools, advice and examples you need to make starting out really easy.
  • Think of Venture as the partner you’ve been looking for. The expert with the skills you don’t have yet.
  • It’s FREE to use our tools and if you would like to remove watermark from the brandbook there is a small fee.
  • If you want to speak to a real person along the way, we’re on hand to help with any questions you have.
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We’ll show you how to use the best online tools for entrepreneurs. You’ll save money, loads of time and make your ideas look great.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's it cost?

Venture is currently free to use!  To remove the brandbook watermark there is a $20 fee.  If you’re not happy, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Will I get to speak to a real person?

Currently, we will only be available over email for support and questions.  We are looking at introducing live chat.

Do I have to complete everything in the programme to get my brand book?

The brand book builder is designed to help you cover all elements of branding when you first start out. You don’t need to complete everything and we’ll put together a brand book based on the elements you do complete but in our honest opinion, it would look ace if you did it all!

I’m not confident at all with branding or creative elements, will someone be able to advise me further and help me with design?

It’s your lucky day. Yes, Jamie will be there to do your first free 30min to get you set up and answer any questions. Until the 3rd September (when we’ll start charging) if you have any questions he’s available to chat. 

How long does it take to get my brand book?

That completely depends on you. The process can be completed in a single day’s solid work if you like or may take longer. You can preview the brand book at any time as it’s generated almost instantly – that means you can fine-tune the content until you’re happy!

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