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Sculpt your awesome brand identity with Venture’s Brand Book Builder

Build a brand like a pro in just 4 easy steps!

Venture’s unique process will help you step-by-step answer everything you need to develop your brand. Starting with one of our industry ready, brand book templates, journey through all aspects of brand creation and finish with a completely bespoke brand book to your spec!

What are brand guidelines and why do I need them?

Building a brand needs direction from day one.

Creating brand guidelines help you create clear and consistent rules for the messages you portray to your customers. Audience focused and competitively unique, guidelines collate and define all aspects of visual and personality identity of your company.

Covering everything from the values that you believe in, to the logos and colours that you will use to signify them. Getting this right early will make building communications such as websites, social posts and other advertising a doddle.

What you will create…

Follow our professional guides to help you answer all those branding questions you’re struggling with. Within hours you can complete all aspects of brand design including:

Brand Personality & Voice
  • Brand Name – What should we call ourselves?
  • Values – What do we stand for?
  • Persona – How do we act and attract customers?
  • Tone of voice – How do we communicate through what we say?
  • Story – How did we get here?
  • Promise – What is our uncompromising vow to our customers and team?
Visual Identity
  • Style – What’s our look?
  • Logo creation – What will our key brand symbol look like?
  • Colour palette – How do we own a set of colours that stand out?
  • Font book – What fonts are the best to use?
  • Look book – What will our brand look like when it’s out there? T-shirts, sites etc!

Ready to start?

Through Venture, you will use some amazing online tools that rapidly define the look and feel of your business. We recommend places that help you create amazing logos fast, find stunning stock imagery that amplifies your brand and much more.

If that’s not enough, if you need advice, we have people on hand to answer your questions too.

So, ready to build that beautiful new brand?

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